The SCAP 6th National Congress

6 05 2007

In continuous pursuit of leadership excellence, the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines recently staged its National Congress convening around 75 competent student leaders from all over the archipelago.

The congress was conducted in Ciudad Christia Resort, San Mateo Rizal from April 18-21, 2007. The said event was covered by several inputs given by the equally brilliant speakers like Prof. Walden Bello as the key speaker and Prof. Maitet Diokno for the real score of the country’s economy.

 With this year’s theme, “Uniting the next generation of leaders in shaping the landscape of national struggle for social reform and mobilizing young people towards meaningful change”, it calls for the attention of the young leaders to move, kill the barrier of apathy and continuously be the prime catalysts for real social transformation.

Since the national congress is the highest policy-making body, also included in the event is the formulation, deliberation and analyzing of proposed resolutions. The election of National Executive Board was also conducted.




One response

23 05 2012

Dear Student Leaders and All Students in the Philippines:

I feel lucky to find your organization. I strongly believe that with your help, we can establish the most powerful government anti-graft device in the world, known as the GRAND JURY system which has been used by only one country in the world, the United States and its states, for over 226 years, which is feared most even by Presidents of this country. In the U.S. any public official once known or suspected of having committed acts of corruption is assured to get accused in court by the Grand Jury. I call it the “brother” jury of the Trial Jury which I think you know about already. We can establish this juries via the people’s initiative via RA 6735. Congress will not legislate the system for obvious reasons. They will never want investigated by a Grand Jury for their falsified SALNs and how they have spent their fat pork barrels and lose their job in Congress.

A Grand Jury, organized by law, secretly composed of 23 purely private citizens and sworn in by a judge and who is required to deposit their application for membership in a bank vault within 24 hours after they are sworn to office is an agency of the people with the power to secretly investigate and file accusation in court directly WITHOUT need of approval by any government official. Its members operate with security code numbers, called SIDN, and they even do not know each others name upon instruction by the inducting judge. A GJ is provided with a special unmarked secret room to conduct their business which no one is allowed to enter except just one witness at a time. He cannot be accompanied by a lawyer. It is empowered to charge for criminal indictment for Obstruction of Justice against any person or public official who violates the secrecy of this group. Because it is not easy to identify or know who its members are, they are practically untouchable. It is hard to retaliate against its members and this is the reason they are not afraid to accuse or indict in court any powerful corrupt high official. The term of duty of grand jury members is only 6 months and then replaced by a new set of members regularly thereafter. They will be paid at the rate of double the minimum wage prevailing in their province or city.

A GJ take complaints through tipsters by posting and advertisements in newspapers. The forms used by the Grand Jury to operate can be browsed in the following web site:
(Please copy/paste if it will not link with a click)

To easily understand how these juries work, please browse the jury diagram below:

I already have drafted the proposed creation of Grand Juries in every province and city in the Philippines. Its provisions can be read in the following web site:

The steps to enact it by Initiative Process are outlined in the following web site:

I strongly believe that you can stop government graft and corruption by as much as 80 to 95% with this proposed law. Please read more the reasons why we need the GJ system by browsing the web site below:

You will be the proudest group of students once you have the GJ put in place. I urge you to embark on it and make it your main project before you finish your college or university courses. I promise to guide you all the way. Feel free to email me at .

Thank you.

Atty. Marlowe Camello
Bar member: Philippines and California
Homeland, California

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