SCAP’s Official Position on GMA’s Charter Change

28 06 2007

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, a national network of student councils and governments working for social and education reform, firmly affirms its opposition against GMA’s Charter Change and denounces all government initiatives that undermine citizen’s participation and due process.

The Alliance stands firm in opposing all government-initiated amendments and revisions in the constitution to allow further liberalization of our economy that compromises our own interest as a nation.

SCAP condemns in the strongest possible terms all proposals which are aimed at dismantling protective economic provisions in our constitution. The Alliance believe that the end view of changing our political system is to ensure the political survival of the beleaguered presidency of Mrs. Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo. Genuine pursuit of necessary and essential reforms in our political and electoral system could never take place under the present administration.

SCAP believes that changing the Constitution is not a compelling reform that will strengthen our system of governance under PGMA’s parlance. Genuine reform through Charter Change can only take place within the context of a full understanding of the real problems of the country and of a full involvement of the Filipino people in the process.

Moreover, SCAP reckons that the true measure of a matured and performing democracy lies in the capacity of the State to promote and uphold the freedom of its citizen to exercise and assert their civil and political rights.

The attempts of the State to override dissents and doubts on the government-initiated Charter Change by fabricating a public clamour through conducting deceptive signature campaigns is a mockery of democracy and an insult to the intelligence of its people.

Hence, the Alliance reiterates that the initiative for a genuine change must come from groups, institutions and individuals who have moral ascendancy, personal integrity and political acceptance to establish legitimacy in the process of Charter Changer.

As a stakeholder in the process, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines joins other youth organizations in criticizing the proponents and movers of GMA’s Charter Change by consciously and deliberately removing education and youth development provisions in our constitution as a matter of national policy, obligation and accountability of the government to its people. (see ConCom Abueva proposal)

It is unfortunate that the youth who is supposed to be in the forefront of the struggle in ensuring a just and humane society and for building the foundation for the next generation is further marginalized, excluded and dehumanized in the process of Charter Change.

As such, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines calls on all young leaders to strongly and willfully oppose the government-initiated Charter Change and assert our rights to a greater and broader democratic participation in the political discourse and processes of CHACHA.

We urge policy makers to seriously consider the impact of the proposed provisions of all GMA-led charter change.

We urge all citizens to hold Mrs. Gloria Macapagal – Arroyo accountable for pushing desperate mechanisms that compromise the rights and welfare of the citizens.

We challenge the proponents of Charter Change to a free and intellectual debate, discourse and discussion on the merits of the proposed provisions, the process of changing the constitution and the intent of the initiative to push for it.

Lastly, it is the duty of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines and the broader student movement to derail the efforts of the government to change the constitution, to defend democratic spaces that we have fought for, for so many years, to defy the continuing imposition of  the trapos’ will on the people and to ensure that the strength of any system lies in the flourishing of our democracy and in giving primary importance to our local economy.





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