Repost of SCAP Official Position Paper on Abolition of ROTC

20 09 2007

The Abolition of ROTC is an end to its irrelevance in the academic curriculum as well as to the academic life of the students. ROTC Military Science Program instill not patriotism nor nationalism but rather a sub-culture of fear and hatred.

ROTC doesn’t live to its role of promoting and inculacating the basic sense of love for country but rather menifestation of greed for power and privelege. It doesn’t serve the military well but rather a disservice to the Armed Forces of the Philippines for it institutionalized corruptions, malpractices and machismo.

Needless to say, two years of fulfilling ROTC requirements drilling and marching on scorching heat under the command of some platoon leaders whose ides of military science and tactics is not molding them to be the fine soldiers but rather breeding abuse and bullying, in indeed a waste of time and resources.

More so, even as an academic practice, ROTC is a futile exercise for it doesn’t produce effective methodologies and approaches in training cadet. even minimal understanding of the wisdom in building a reserved army on the minds of young males seems to be a failure.

Although we recognized the fact that ROTC is a bastion of national defense and bulk of the country’s reserve commands come from its graduates, abolishing ROTC is not weakening the AFP but rather giving them space to re-think, reflect and reform on the way ROTC have been handled for years and in one way or another introduce relevant alternatives.

ROTC Abolition is sought to restore the integrity of the institution as it is a reflection of a national dissatisfaction about the militray police as deeply flawed institutions trying to rise above suspicion. We can not afford a bastion of reservist unable to hold guns and doesn’t even know the basic concept of strategies nad tactics in times of conflict or national emergencies nor the rule of engagements. We can not allow the youth to serve as pawns in real time battle attributed to their lack of knowledge and attitude required in carrying out military duties.

Likewise, we recognized the fact that peacetime ROTC units have been utilized for community service and otehr civic duties in many areas of the country, such as being the biggest blood donors for the Red Cross. Similarly, we recognize that ROTC serve the country well in the distance past — during USAFFE World War II and even during Japanese occupation.

However, we can not allow that this should be made as an excuse for not abolishing ROTC since changing times dictate that what is needed at the present is inculcating a sense of values, nationalism and volunteerism.

Joint Statement by the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, Movement for the Advancement of Student Power and AKBAYAN Youth issued last June 22, 2001 in a Press Conference at Abuelo’s Cocina, Kalayaan Avenue, Quezon City.      




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6 11 2007

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