In Solidarity with the Burmese

4 10 2007

The Burmese have endured and suffered enough. The military junta has killed only but so many lives, but they can never hold the Burmese down for so long.

Student Council Alliance of the Phillpines joins the international public in calling for the restoration of democracy in Myanmar (Burma) and in advocating for the immediate cease of State initiated human rights violations in the country.

The SPDC has conducted more and more atrocious deeds in its effort to stay in power. Less than a hundred of monks were slaughtered in the pro-democracy protest actions held in Myanmar last Sptember. And hundreds to thousands more of monks, nuns, men, women, and children are being detained by the military government.

SCAP outwardly exppresses its utmost disdain over the inhumane measures that the SPDC has taken. The 1988 massacre in Myanmar is not yet forgotten, and its people are growing restless over unabated poverty and harsh military control.

No government, nor any institution has any right to take away from its people their inherent right to life.




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