SCAP Joins Call to Free Burma Now!

10 10 2007

YOUNG PROGRESSIVES Call on the Generals of Burma and the Leaders of ASEAN: Free Burmese People Now! It is the Time for Democracy! It is Time to Make Peace! 

Once again, the so-called State Peace and Development Council [SPDC] lording over Burma has shown it cannot live up to its name. It has neither delivered Development to its hungry and poor people nor has it been in any way agent of Peace. Shame! No wonder this council is more known inetrnationally as teh brutal military junta of Burma. Even as it tried so hard to be recognized as legitimate government by renaming itself [SLORC to SPDC], the country [from Burma to Myanmar] and trasnferring the capital [from Rangoon to Naypyitaw] – such absurd attempts fail to conceal the blood on their hands. The world will never forget the 8th of August 1988 bloodbath. Neither will the world forget the atrocities of September 2007. No one will ever erase the images of dead and beaten monks in saffron robes with the Burmese fighting on their side.

We, the members of Young Progressives Southeast Asia [YPSEA], join the global community in condemning in strongest possible terms the military regime’s brute force used against demonstrations of righteous indignation of Burmese people – the brave women, men, children and monks – already tortured by hunger and poverty and suffering from the twisted economic policies of the junta.

We strongly demand that the junta stop the use of force and exercise of deep repression NOW! We, together with the freedom-loving people of Southeast Asia, urge the military regime to respect human rights and fundamental freedoms that include the basic right to free expression of the Burmese people regardless of ideology and creed! We demand the release of all human rights activists and political prisoners immediately.

We beleive that the power to choose their government rightfully belongs to the people. No amount of force can make an illegitimate government be recognized by the people and the international community. Thus, we urge the military junta immediately submit to UN-supervised elections where the Burmese people can praticipate freely and the genuine democratic parties contest government positions without the threat of guns and bobms. This must be done in the soonest possible time. The Burmese people have waited long enough!

We urge the ASEAN to flex its muscle as an inter-governmental organization by immedaitely responding to the Burma crisis. We are extremely disappointed with the slow action of ASEAN members. The ASEAN must take responsibility for the actions of hte Myanmar government, which has been admitted to the ASEAN despite strong protests from the ASEAN people. Is ASEAN more than a “talk shop”? Now is the time for the ASEAN to prove the sincerity in its pronouncements that a Human Rigts pillaris one of the foundation of the ASEAN Charter to be passed in Singapore Summit this November.

What is also urgent is for the ASEAN member-states to support the call for a special session of the UNHRC on Burma, which on Japan and South Korea endoresed so far. We join the many solidarity groups who have condemend the Chinese and Russian governments for vetoing every initiatives that aims to bring democracy back to Burma, most recent of which is their vetoing the UN Security Council Resolution condemning Myanmar.

The time to action is now.Young progressives, like the rest of the world, are tired of waiting for the so-called “democracy-map,” on which the Myanmar generals have been foot dragging about. Are four years not enough for the road map you promised? We are equally alarmed by the numbing silence of ASEAN member-states that might favor another “extensions” of the deadline given to the junta. The path to peace and democracy must go beyond stale diplomatic actions. The Burmese people has shown us in September and in many instances in the past how it should be done –agressively, consistently, fighting for democracy without fearing no one.The ASEAN should follow suit.

We call on young people f Southeast Asia and the world over to use their free voices to be heard!Let us talk to our governments to step up the pressure on the Myanmar military regime – in whatever form possible, political or economic — for them to heed the calls to stop the use of violence and halt the brutal nocturnal raids.Most important is for young people not to be content of empty promises of a regime that has continuously snubbed calls for genuine democracy and human rights from its neighbors and the rest of the world.

The YPSEA is a regional organization of young progressives aimed at creating political exchange and communiaction in order to promote democracy, equality and human rights in Southeast Asia. The Network first came together in Manila in 2004 and its structure was formally set-up in 2006 at Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Its membership consist of progressive youth groups from Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia and Indonesia. Timor Leste currently has an observer status




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