Students Continue to Demand for Truth

6 03 2008

E.O. 464 has been dead for two years, yet executive officials continue to hide behind its skirts. Now that GMA has finally revoked it, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, continues to demand for truth. Government people should not invoke executive privilege either to evade saying the truth.

“I am still discomfited at this point. The Supreme Court has already nullified E.O. 464 years back but no positive effect came out of it. It seems to us (SCAP) that GMA had only revoked the executive order to pacify the Catholic Bishops. In which case, we are not yet assured of Neri’s unhindered testimonial.” Bianca Lapuz, SCAP Secretary General quipped. Read the rest of this entry »


Student Councils Urge Camara to Prioritize STRAW Bill Instead Of Political Bickering

6 03 2008

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines pressed on law makers to prioritize the Students’ Rights and Welfare Bill instead of quarreling over the leadership in the lower house.


“Replacing Jose de Venecia with Prospero Nograles is like choosing a lesser evil, if the latter should even prove a lesser “trapo” than his predecessor. There isn’t much of a change, at least not a change for the better,” Mark Boado, SCAP chairperson quipped. Read the rest of this entry »

SCAP Urges Students to Begin Practicing Their Rights to Suffrage in Universities

6 03 2008

SCAP calls on students to vote meaningfully in the upcoming Student Council Elections this February-March 2008 in a number of universities all over the country. Meaningful political participation in universities is reflective of a politically matured and conscious youth sector.

From 2001-2007, a large number of youth were disenfranchised during national elections. SCAP blames this incredulous phenomenon to the lack of active and continuous government support in an efficient Voters’ Education Program. At the same time, the alliance also took part in the First Time Voters’ Project which succeeded in its information drive campaign in the past polls since 2001. Read the rest of this entry »