SCAP Urges Students to Begin Practicing Their Rights to Suffrage in Universities

6 03 2008

SCAP calls on students to vote meaningfully in the upcoming Student Council Elections this February-March 2008 in a number of universities all over the country. Meaningful political participation in universities is reflective of a politically matured and conscious youth sector.

From 2001-2007, a large number of youth were disenfranchised during national elections. SCAP blames this incredulous phenomenon to the lack of active and continuous government support in an efficient Voters’ Education Program. At the same time, the alliance also took part in the First Time Voters’ Project which succeeded in its information drive campaign in the past polls since 2001.

However, SCAP recognizes the crucial role of institutions like Student Councils/Governments inside universities, in creating a politically dynamic youth sector. Students should understand how sacred ballots are, of how these papers can dictate the success of any institution.

Critical consideration should be taken in choosing political leaders. Students should learn from previous experiences in our national polls.

“Universities shape the minds of our students and of our future politicians. Therefore, our youth should be wary of their responsibility to elect righteous leaders who will be accountable to an entire student bureaucracy. Corruption, in all aspects, begins when the voters themselves fail to do their part as a conscious constituency who engages directly in the process of election and governance. The values of integrity, honor, and decency in authority are not taught literally in the academe, but are foremost experienced in leadership positions held in Student Councils/Governments/Organizations,” articulates SCAP’s National Chairperson, Mark Roy Boado.

“Our national leaders nowadays were students once. It is hard to imagine what kind of leaders they were before. SCAP wishes to remind our youth that what we are in school today highly influences what we are to become in the future,” Tina Langit, SCAP’s NCR Vice-Chairperson relates.

SCAP believes that the academe is still the best place to learn and to practice progressive politics and it requires the students’ pro-active engagement in the course of action.


February 14, 2008







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7 03 2008

What’s your take on this document?

7 03 2008

SCAP recognizes the proletariat’s major role in changing the society. However, we do not place ourselves in the dogma and in the confines of communism. We believe that Filipino socialism is an unfolding narrative. As such, we locate ourselves in the progressive movement. We stress the importance and capacity of student power to initiate social change in our particular context.=)

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