Students Continue to Demand for Truth

6 03 2008

E.O. 464 has been dead for two years, yet executive officials continue to hide behind its skirts. Now that GMA has finally revoked it, Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, continues to demand for truth. Government people should not invoke executive privilege either to evade saying the truth.

“I am still discomfited at this point. The Supreme Court has already nullified E.O. 464 years back but no positive effect came out of it. It seems to us (SCAP) that GMA had only revoked the executive order to pacify the Catholic Bishops. In which case, we are not yet assured of Neri’s unhindered testimonial.” Bianca Lapuz, SCAP Secretary General quipped.

The ZTE-NBN deal has tremendously dragged the whole nation in shame. The education sector, at that, is led by someone who indiscriminately hides the truth about the dubious contract from Filipino people. SCAP urges Neri to state everything that he knows about the ZTE-NBN deal to once and for all end the issue and hold everyone involved in the scandal accountable to Philippine laws.

“Neri should know better. With the way things are, he should start to figure out where his loyalty lies. The masses are angry. The middle class is also reacting. The religious groups have taken their stand. The progressive sector is disgusted. And the elite are divided. This spells out a looming indictment for GMA’s government, and Neri should know that,” says Mark Roy Boado, SCAP National Chair.

Our country has had enough. Years of corruption under a dictator and post dictator regimes is enough. The Filipinos are not stupid. It is about time for our government leaders to heed the call of moral decency.

Zobra na!

Tama na!

Exit na!

Oust Gloria!






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