Student Councils Criticize DepEd’s Attempt To Ban Lozada from Speaking in Schools

7 03 2008

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines is utterly aghast with DepEd Chief Jesli Lapuz, for blatantly censuring Jun Lozada’s visits in campuses last Wednesday. Although l.apuz had quickly taken his statement back, SCAP is still dismayed with how he had tried to bar the ZTE-NBN star witness from speaking about the anomalous contract in Public Schools and State Colleges and Universities.

What is even more disappointing is that after Lapuz had dug out an existing “memorandum” supposedly prohibiting any form of politicking in graduation rites, he actually admitted in an interview with the media that he cannot prevent other politicians from speaking in such events in Government schools that are highly dependent on political patronage.

“We have educational leaders who are comfortable with the idea that local politicians are utilizing the education sector for their political ends and yet disapprove of the idea that schools are good venues to harness political consciousness among the youth,” SCAP Secretary General, Paula Bianca Lapuz said.

“Instead of promoting the core values of a good moral conduct, the heads of our educational institutions are so busy at protecting the interests of Malacanang, that they themselves violate the virtues of honesty and integrity,” Tina Langit, SCAP Vice Chairperson for NCR added.

SCAP is appalled with our degrading national political system. The alliance dares Romulo Neri and the other “alter egos” of GMA to speak in Senate and in schools even, to also explain their side, instead of perennially eluding the inevitable truth. A passive citizenry will only benefit those who have wronged the nation. And if they believe that the Government is not guilty of anything, they should not hinder the truth from coming out.

“We call for transparency,accountability and reform in governance. As such, what the executive officials is doing are not in anyway helpful in searching for the truth. They say that they are for the truth, then prove it, speak it,” SCAP Chairperson, Mark Roy Boado stated.

Our country’s political crisis has blown out of proportions that these times already call for a moral revolution. A moral revolution led by the youth and not by another traditional politician. SCAP ardently believes that if the Filipino people is able to find an honest and participative process wherein they, themselves, are able to contribute in the crafting of a genuine systematic alternative for our current status quo, there is hope for this land.

Students should realize that they have an important role in this predicament, and that is to consolidate their sector’s power to sustain the nationwide advocacy for truth, accountability and reform in public service.






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3 05 2009

matagal na pala ito ngayon ko lang nalaman.

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