Sharing With You ASAP-PUP’s Official Position on the Current National Crisis

12 03 2008

Truth. Accountability. Reform.





Lozada’s recent visit in Polytechnic University of the Philippines proved the unfaltering capacity of Student Power. Alliance of Students for Alternative Politics maintains its stand against corruption in governance. PUP is a bulwark of truth. It could not be and should not be used for the political ends of any force within or beyond the university.

PUP takes pride in its conscientious scholars, who continuously uphold the virtues of honesty and integrity. As an educational institution, PUP should ensure that the academe will provide a venue for free discourse on current national issues. It should be at the forefront of the campaign against dishonesty and fraud.

Our national integrity has been slighted too many times that keeping it intact has become difficult already. Threats to our national patrimony has become so appalling that keeping calm is hardly even possible. We have a government who knowingly allows corruption among its ranks. Decency is a taboo in our context.

After the Hello Garci scandal, the ZTE-NBN deal proved to be a greater evil. Our people’s moral fibers were shaken. Amidst these attacks on our democracy, we should remain steadfast in our search for truth, accountability and reform.

ASAP calls on to the judiciary to get at the bottom of all these issues and to hold all those who have wronged the Filipino People accountable to our laws.

We have been in a grave political crisis for more than a decade already. And this is reflective of the kind of leadership that we have. The 1986 EDSA revolution has failed to institute a systematic change. And we have been suffering ever since.

Having the First Family dragged in the allegations of corruption and electoral fraud is probably one of the most humiliating circumstances that any country could ever face.

It is also in this light that ASAP firmly believes that Ms. Arroyo has lost all the moral ascendancy to lead a nation, if she even was legitimate in the first place.

ASAP says “ENOUGH” to corruption. Years of poverty and social injustice are already enough.

ASAP says “ENOUGH” to lies. We are fed up with our politicians’ fabricated stories to cover up their mischievous acts.

ASAP says “ENOUGH” to traditional politics. It is about time to aggressively push for transformative politics in the society, beginning at the traditional centers of power in schools and communities.

ASAP says “ENOUGH” to GMA. After all the scandals that have bombarded her administration, we are asking Ms. Arroyo to step down from her seat.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. As Edmund Burke would put it, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing…When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.


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