Boy Abunda and Mike Lopez for SCAP

28 04 2010

Student Council Alliance Endorses ‘Hontivirus’ Candidacy

16 04 2010

Press release
Contacts: Gio Tingson@0908.887.7166
Catherine Calopez@0927.430.6969
16 April 2010

'HONTIVIRUS' DANCE CRAZE. Members of SCAP danced to the beat of Akbayan Rep. Risa Hontiveros' campaign jingle during the organization's press conference on Friday. The alliance of student councils endorsed the LP guest senatorial candidate at the Greenhouse Restaurant in Quezon City.

SAYING that they are confident that Akbayan representative Risa Hontiveros will continue her admirable job as a lawmaker once voted to the Senate, the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) on Friday endorsed the candidacy of Hontiveros, who is running as a guest senatorial candidate of the Liberal Party.

“Rep. Hontiveros consistently pushed for the welfare of different sectors as seen when she authored several bills including the extension of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform, which was passed into law,” said SCAP president Gio Tingson of Ateneo de Manila University in a press conference held at the Greenhouse Restaurant along Matalino Street in Quezon City on Friday.
Tingson added that Hontiveros gained their trust because of her unwavering conviction to push for the Magna Carta of Studen Rights and Welfare (STRAW) and bills to reform the Sanggunian ng Kabataan.
“Risa and SCAP have the same policy advocacies and we believe that once in the Senate, she will continue he work of advocating youth and student rights,” Noted Tingson, who together with SCAP secretary general Catherine Calopez and other members even danced the “Hontivirus” dance craze.
Calopez of Philippine Normal University, meantime, said that SCAP agreed to endorse Hontiveros candidacy because they believe that there is a need for progressive and transformative lawmakers in the country.
“We believe in the politics of Risa Hontiveros. We will not only endorse her candidacy but we will campaign for her,” said Calopez during the press conference.
Also present during the event were SCAP vice for Visayas Patrick Ladrito of University of San Agustin, SCAP vice chair for Mindanao Ivan Samson of St. Michael’s.
Accepting the endorsement for Hontiveros was Machris Cabreros, who said that Hontiveros was very happy that she made an impact to the youth sector.
SCAP has a 120-strong membership which include University of Asia and Pacific, University of the Philippines (UP), Univesity of Santo Tomas (UST), Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), San Beda, Mindanao State University, Nueva Viscaya State University, Western Mindanao State University and UP Visayas. (end it)

Student Council Alliance
of the Philippines
Whereas; Hon. Risa Hontiveros is the main author of the Students Right and Welfare Bill also known as the Magna Carta of Students Bill;
Whereas; she is also the author of the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms Law;
Whereas; Risa Hontiveros has proven herself as a true political leader and as a steward of students’ rights and welfare;
Whereas; SCAP endorses a candidate who pushes for education reform and agrarian reform in the country;
Whereas; SCAP region II, recognizing the needs of progressive and transformative leaders in our country, voted unanimously to endorse Risa Hontiveros as senatorial candidate in the 2010 national Election;
Resolved therefore; that the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) endorses and supports Risa Hontiveros as the Alliance’s Senatorial candidate this coming May 2010 National Election;
Resolved further; that SCAP takes necessary measures to ensure a seat for Risa Hontiveros in the senate slate;

SCAP 7th National Congress
April 14, 2010

The Fever is ON!

1 04 2010