MANILA, Philippines—Eight students, including a young woman, on Monday shaved their heads outside Congress gates to express their opposition to the cuts to the budget of state universities and colleges (SUCs)

28 09 2010

8 students shave heads to protest low education budget

By Karen Boncocan

Posted date: September 27, 2010

MANILA, Philippines—Eight students, including a young woman, on Monday shaved their heads outside Congress gates to express their opposition to the cuts to the budget of state universities and colleges (SUCs).

The protesting students from the Youth Against Debt of the Freedom from Debt Coalition also gave the Commission on Higher Education (CHEd) a “fail” grade for not working on a higher budget for education.

The youth group appealed to Congress “to exercise its political will and give more to higher education,” because “these students will be…the future workforce.”

YAD told reporters that the government has been spending a mere six pesos per day for every student since 1987 even when the United Nations Economic, Scientific and Cultural Organization (Unesco) has set the international standards on education spending at 6 percent of the country’s Gross National Product (GNP).

“We call on the new Congress to pass an alternative education budget bill, (with) automatic appropriations to education measured at 6 percent of our GNP to enhance accessibility to education and skills development,” said YAD.

The appeal to congressmen was a day before deliberations on the budget of SUCs. They asked for recognition of the youth’s “right to education,” as well as to “make education accessible to all Filipino youth.”


Youth Against Debt mobilization – September 27, 2010

26 09 2010


What: Mobilization of Youth Against Debt (YAD) on the Right to Education

Main Message: Edukasyon, karapatan ng mamamayan, IPAGLABAN!

Target Audience: Legislators of the Lower House

When: 27 September 2010 (Monday), 9:30 a.m. – Assembly (Photops) Time, 10:00 a.m. – Start of Program

Where: North or South Gate (depending on whether there are other groups occupying the space) of the Batasan Complex.


* Capacity to mobilize at least 10 pax. For those that can mobilize more, our budget for one jeep is strictly P2,000.
* Please join in your school uniform (if possible).
* One organizational flag only.
* Make your own placards, at most five (for content, please get guidance from the main message; highlight debt and education) and put the name of your org and YAD at the end (e.g. YND/YAD).
* Assign one spokesperson for your organization to speak during the program.

*Note: The CHED Budget Hearing is set the same day as the mob at 1:30 p.m., Andaya Hall, South Wing.

Student councils oppose education budget cut, urge government for total cancellation of debt servicing instead

24 09 2010

For immediate release

GIBBY GORRES – (0917) 362.7480

SCAP Secretariat – (0916) 5510.526

Student councils oppose education budget cut, urge government for total cancellation of debt servicing instead

State University student councils who are members of the national organization Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) vehemently denounce the expressed intention of the government to cut education budget for the next fiscal year.

University of the Philippines College of Social Sciences and Philosophy Student Council and SCAP-NCR Chair Oyie Javelosa said that the direct effect of the intended budget cut against the education sector will unquestionably further marginalize the sector and might even contribute to the rapidly disturbing increase of out-of-school youth.

Using the SCAP data, the presumption is that government schools will be 1.7% lower than last year’s budget.  Together with its allied organizations Akbayan Youth and Movement for the Advancement of Student Power, SCAP pushes foreign debt cancellation as a clear-cut alternative to shun away from any contemplation of slashing education budget.

“Of course the government is aware of the real depressing situation of our education system. We don’t have to make them realize that. What we intend to press on is the fact that mere political will to stop debt servicing or even deplete the funds being appropriated thereof would undeniably address this seemingly recurrent problem”, asserted Javelosa.

From the P1.64 trillion budget proposal for FY 2011, State universities and Colleges (SUCs) are about to receive P23.08 billion marking an obvious more than one percent drop off from last years fund.

“With the new administration, hope exists that maybe, youth concerns on proper financing will be properly addressed since for the past years, whenever budget deliberations come, the issue on budget especially for education sector appears to be perennial even if the tenable answer is quite obvious. We really urge the legislators to put the option of refusing to pay debts in a greater consideration”, said Gibby Gorres, SCAP Deputy Sec-Gen.

Two of the primary state universities UP and PNU, as expected, are greatly affected. Philippine Normal University’s budget slashed by 23.59% while UP is about to receive the blow of P1.3 billion in budget cut.

The said youth groups with broader coalitions will stage mobilizations outside the House of Representatives once the deliberations have started to express non-appreciation of the budget cut and to relay their message of concrete alternative.

“We don’t just steal scenes and destroy public properties to demand. We propose alternative that is deemed material and may bear essential output. It is the government leaders’ duty to respond appropriately and prioritize what is due for the people” Gorres quipped. ##

Student councils to Arroyo: “Study your history”

20 09 2010

September 20, 2010


Student councils to Arroyo: “Study your history”

“Sen. Arroyo, please study your history”.

This was the statement of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) yesterday in response to Sen. Joker Arroyo’s pronouncement that the “new administration runs the country like a student government”.

Arroyo’s statement was made in an interview for dzBB radio criticizing PNoy’s handling of the investigation of the hostage crisis and the Palace’s “lopsided” budget proposal.

SCAP National Chairperson and former Sanggunian ng mga Mag-aaral ng Ateneo de Manila Chairperson Gio Tingson suggests that “Arroyo should look at how students were mobilized during EDSA 1 and 2 through their student councils”.

“The senator’s point of comparison has no basis and is fuelled by destructive animosity against PNoy,” says Tingson. “His comments are destructive and unbecoming of a legislator”.

SCAP Deputy Secretary General Gibby Gorres, however, volunteers to tour Sen. Arroyo in schools across the country “to see how student governments are working to better their communities and even engage their local government units”.

“It’s time for Sen. Arroyo to re-connect with young people. Only after could he be truly effective as a legislator”, adds Gorres. #

Peace Day 2010

3 09 2010

Dear Friends,

The UN-declared International Day of Peace and Nonviolence is at hand. We will be celebrating it on 21 September.  It is a good day to educate and raise the awareness of young people on peace and armed conflict in the country. At the same time, the date marks the commemoration of the declaration of Martial Law and it is befitting to link the peace and nonviolence movement in the country with our historical sense of an authoritarian rule.

In line with this, Generation Peace Youth Network (GenPeace) with its partnership with UNDP-OPAPP-Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding Programme, would like to invite you to take part in the Peace Day 2010 Celebration.  By the way, GenPeace is a national youth network that promotes peace, encourages young people to be peace advocates and supports the peace process tracks of the Bangsamoro and Communist struggles. GenPeace convenes the preparatory committee for this year’s celebration along with a host of civil society organizations, schools, youth clubs, religious groups and the local government of Quezon City.

Last year, we celebrated the Peace Day by installing a permanent Peace Wall collective art in QC Circle, a national effort of the youth to present their peace messages in a creative way. We sang “Mabuting Pilipino” of Noel Cabangon, long before it became a hit in the PNoy Inaguration. We remembered Martial Law, the armed conflicts, and celebrated the Eid’l Fitr with our fellow Muslims last year.  In 2009, we also created a short documentary film on the youth success stories for peace, it was a fruitful and meaningful 2009 celebration indeed!

For this year, we will have a celebration with the theme “Sustaining the Youth’s Engagement, Bridging the Peacebuilding Gaps,” recognizing the different gaps (i.e. between youth and elder advocates, between apathetic and socially-active youth, etc.). We invite you  and your organization to partake in the celebration on 21 September at the Peace Bell of the Quezon City Memorial Circle from 9:00AM to 1:00PM.  We will have solidarity messages, exhibit booths, poetry reading, cultural presentations and musical renditions for peace. While snacks will be served, we also encourage you to bring some food to share with friends for our potluck “community” lunch.  Please see the attached draft program and visit: for Peace Day Celebration details.

We would like a broad and collaborative celebration with our community and we want you to take part as we remember a day of peace with the rest of the world. Kapayapaan sa ating lahat!



Nikki Al Ben S. Delfin

GenPeace Secretariat


mobile 09178660405

Generation Peace Youth Network

Peace Day 2010: Sustaining the Youth’s Engagement, Bridging the Peacebuilding Gaps

Quezon City Memorial Circle 9:00AM – 1:00PM, 21 September 2010


  1. Interfaith Prayers for Peace                                                                9:00-9:10

–          FEU (Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, etc. prayers)

–          Peacemakers’ Circle

  1. National Anthem                                                                                              9:10-9:20

–          Quezon City Orchestra

  1. Overview of Peace Day                                                                                     9:20-9:25

–          Debbie Cabanag, GenPeace National Coordinator

  1. Opening Remarks

–          Hon. Joy Belmonte, Vice Mayor of Quezon City                                   9:25-9:40

–          USEC Luisito Montalbo, OPAPP                                                 9:40-9:55

–          Risa Hontiveros, GenPeace Elder                                                            9:55-10:05

–          Chito Gascon, GenPeace Elder*                                                   10:05-10:15

  1. Solidarity Messages

–          Bakwits from Mindanao                                                                10:15-10:17

–          YMPN/Group Aid                                                                            10:17-10:19

–          AMRSP – JPICC                                                                               10:19-10:21

  1. Performances Set 1:

–          Quezon City Performing Arts*                                                     10:21-10:40

–          Poetry Reading from selected entries in “Pieces of Peace”     10:40-10:50

–          PWU High School                                                                           10:50-10:55

  1. Solidarity Messages

–          Peace Educators Network                                                              10:55-10:57

–          Representative from Local Government of Bukidnon

(Ernie Edralin)                                                                                 10:57-11:00

  1. Performances Set 2:

–     Samba Club Miriam High School                                                            11:00-11:15

–     Stella Maris Choir                                                                           11:15-11:25

–     SIKAP/INSA                                                                                     11:25-11:30

  1. Solidarity Messages

–          MSN/Balay                                                                                       11:30-11:32

–          Renauld Meyer, UNDP Country Representative           *                      11:32-11:35

–          Akiko Abe, UNV Director*

  1. Tribute to Peace Advocates                                                                 11:38-11:50

–          (i.e. tribute to Mommy Jean, Bishop Claver, Ka Oca, etc.)

–          Short tribute message from friends

–          Song: “Walang Hanggang Paalam” by Joey Ayala performed by the Quezon City Orchestra

–          Songs from the Quezon City Orchestra

  1. Performances Set 3:

–          Music from Crazy As Pinoy and Noel Cabangon*                     11:50-12:10

  1. Closing Ritual: Forming the Peace Sign                                           12:10-12:30

* To be confirmed

** Bring some food to share with your friends/organization  for our potluck ‘community’ lunch.

***Free ice cream scoops and peace stamps will be available at the venue.

**** Exhibit  booths from different advocacies: Installed all throughout the venue during the Peace Day celebration.