Group hits UI PEN’s “anti-student” policy, calls for dialogue

4 11 2010


GIBBY GORRES, 0917.362.7480

JOEY LIMSON, 0908.616.4143

Nearing enrollment for the second semester of the academic year, a youth group denounces what they deem as unfair practice of the University of Iloilo management.

The private university recently released a memo which gave an automatic incomplete grade to all students who have failed to settle their accounts.  The memo was released by the school administration managed by the Phinma Education Network, a private business firm.

Taken into effect, the memo adds extra fees for students in paying 150 pesos per subject for the reprocessing of their grades.  An average student takes 7 subjects per semester.

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) criticized UI management for its capitalist approach towards education.

“This policy is clearly anti-student borne out of a capitalist venture within a welfare service”, remarks Joey Limson, Iloilo coordinator of SCAP.  “Education is a welfare service and business interests should be relegated under the public interest”.

SCAP’s sister organization within UI, the Political Science Society, called for a dialogue between the students and the school management.

The UI-based organization is launching a signature campaign calling for a suspension of the memo.  The organization also calls for CHED to intervene in order to protect students’ rights.

Kaiser Cordero, a member of the Political Science Society, reported that the memo was never circulated well among the studentry and thus caught the students by surprise.

“Our teachers can’t encode our grades because they had the system blocked”, added Cordero.

The organization’s president Karl Smith dela Pena in a Facebook post said, “the teaching pedagogy has changed drastically! It’s very obvious that the U.I-PEN is no longer observing the philosophy of student-teacher relation”.

“The inconvenient truth is that it’s already capitalist-clientele relation”, added Dela Pena.  /end


For similar incidents in your locality or school, you may contact Student Council Alliance of the Philippines through the details provided above.  You may also email




5 responses

7 11 2010
Jose A.D. de Luna

In response to the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP)


In response to statements released by the Student Council Alliance of the Phililppines in an article titled Group hits UI PEN’s “anti-student” policy, calls for dialogue at The Allegiance-Official Weblog of Student Council Alliance of the Philippines ( group-hits-ui-pen%E2%80%99s-%E2%80%9Canti-student%E2%80%9D-policy-calls-for-dialogue/), dated November 4, 2010, the University of Iloilo – PHINMA would like to elucidate the issue of an alleged “anti-student” policy it purportedly subjects its students to, through the following points:

1. UI-PHINMA did not release any memo giving an automatic incomplete grade (INC) to all students who have failed to settle their accounts, and requiring 150 pesos per subject for the reprocessing of grades.

2. UI-PHINMA’s system has been set, for administrative purposes, to identify which students have fully settled their accounts, and which ones have not. The system indicates Grades Withheld when the student has not fully paid his/her account, and does not allow teachers/deans to input the grades in the system. However, the grades are already available and may be provided by the deans upon student’s request.

3. As soon as the student’s account is fully settled, the school registrar unlocks the system and teachers/deans can input the grades. So from Grades Withheld, the system will now indicate the student’s actual grades.

4. There are NO ADDITIONAL FEES required to change grades from Grades Withheld to the actual grade when students settle their accounts.

5. On the other hand, during instances when the student still has academic deficiencies (lacking course requirements) by the time grades are encoded, the student’s grade that is generated by the system is INC. To remedy, the student is asked to submit the lacking requirement and pay a completion fee to change the grade from INC to actual grade, as has been standard practice even prior to PHINMA management.

6. A student is charged a completion fee of 150 pesos to get his actual grade, ONLY IF he/she still lacks course requirements during encoding of grades. An example of this is if a student fails to submit a term paper before scheduled encoding of grades.

We hope that this clarifies and puts an end to this issue. UI-PHINMA upholds its mission of making and keeping its doors open to anyone and everyone who aspires for a better life. As such, we find every way possible for our students to move forward in and beyond their education.

Lastly, we thank those who have and continue to staunchly stand behind us, echoing UI-PHINMA’s belief that sa Bag-o nga UI, Wala Imposible!


Jose A.D. de Luna
Marketing Manager
UI-PHINMA, Iloilo City

10 11 2010

‎”CHED clearly states that schools can withhold grades due to unsettled accounts, so what’s funny about that” jose de luna, and since when did CHED become a paragon for human rights protection? thats why we also ask for the repeal of the …education act that we have now coz it doesnt constitute protection of students’ welfare.

and i find it blah that you have been parroting who your board of directors are. i find it very “ill hide behind the big names”.

and FYI, “The teachers do submit the grades to the respective deans, they just can’t encode them to the system if students have outstanding accounts. The students, upon request, can check and view their grades if they want to. I hope that’s clear enough” is a clear capitalist mechanism. I want to know what these “upon request” mechanisms are. But I would have the idea that part of requesting to the dean is to clear your accounts first.

however you hide behind technicalities, mr luna, this much-debated ui policy is still anti-student.

Gibby Gorres
SCAP Deputy SecGen

20 12 2010

To: Mr. Jose de Luna

20 12 2010

To: Mr. Jose de Luna
today is our prelim exam and a lot of students cannot get an exam (especially nursing dept.) unless, we will settle our account. the policy is strictly “NO PERMIT, NO EXAM” and if we will not going to pay our tuition within the deadline they give, they will put a 50 as our PRELIM GRADE!.. and our instructor told us about this policy last dec 16.
i dont understand why we students were NOT allow to have the exam! we all know that its our responsibility as a student to pay our payments but there’s some reasons that we cant settle our payments in the right time.
we are disappointed on this policy, students say “Its just a prelim, there still a midterm and final exam So why pressuring us to pay and put a failure grade?”
we really dont know now the REAL purpose of UI-PEN, is t really to produce a good/best quality of education/ graduates or is it just for the MONEY?.

11 01 2011

Hi joykiezh!

We advise you to coordinate with your student council in terms of rectifying this issue with your school. Another thing, “No Permit, No Exam” policies are against the law. Please update us regarding this issue @

Gibby, SCAP SecGen

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