SCAP Expresses Solidarity to the Struggles of the Students of UI-PEN

25 03 2011

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, the largest and broadest formation of student councils, political parties, organizations and young leaders in the country with member-schools in more than 60 provinces and 100 cities nationwide, expresses its solidarity with the nursing and criminology students of the University of Iloilo – PHINMA Education Network (UI-PEN) as they struggle to fight for their rights.

Hundreds of UI-PEN students will not march for graduation on this Saturday’s ceremonies because of the administration’s repressive policies that impose unreasonable demands upon the supposed graduates.

Hit by these anti-student policies are the school’s nursing and criminology students.

Graduating nursing students were forced to enroll in a P15,000 review program that was made part of the Elective on Nursing Care Management (NCM 501-205) subject. Under this system, the student’s review ratings will comprise 40% of the NCM 501-205 lecture grade and review attendance strictly monitored.

SCAP points out that this is a violation of CHED Memorandum No. 13 series of 2006 which prohibits Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from forcing their graduates and graduating students to enroll in their own review centers. SCAP also states that with this review program, the students are placed in a dire situation where they are forced to pay exorbitant fees for something not academically required, making their graduation eligibility at risk.

Meanwhile, the criminology students faced a similar dilemma. The criminology students were forced to pay P3,000 review fees for a Mock Board that was not included in their prospectus when they enrolled. They took the exam on March 12-13 2011. This exam had a passing grade of 75%, and those who did not pass were not allowed to graduate. The results were released on March 16, and no one passed the exam.

SCAP sees this as an exercise of authority and power to usurp more money, while pointing also the undemocratic implementation of this Mock Board. With SCAP as their ally, the criminology students call out the school’s administration to protect and uphold students’ rights and academic excellence instead of mandating anti-student policies that endanger every student’s progress.

In light of the recent events at UI-PEN, SCAP strongly suggests that the administration of the said institution review how it regards students’ rights and welfare in the campus.  At present, UI-PEN does not serve as a breeding ground for critical minds that could be a cogent and potent force for nation-building.  Because of the administration’s anti-student policies, UI-PEN students are constantly under siege from the undemocratic administration.

The Alliance also extends its support to the institution’s University Student Council and Political Science Organization, member-organizations within the campus, as they lead the dialogue between the students and the UI-PEN administration.  We urge our member-organizations to continue to fight against any office that impedes the security of students’ welfare.

In the name of the Alliance,


National Chairperson


National Secretary-General


Member-at-Large for Visayas


Visayas Coordinator




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