Youth group to lawmakers: Re-channel debt service to education budget

6 06 2011

06-Jun-11, 8:28 AM |

MANILA, Philippines — Re-channel the huge debt service budget to education, this is the “assignment” of members of the Youth Against Debt (YAD) for Congress.

In a statement, the coalition of different youth and student groups and organizations said it will stage a protest action outside the House of Representatives today to coincide with the first day of classes in public elementary and high school.

Citing data collated by the Freedom from Debt Coalition (FDC), YAD said that Aquino’s education spending this year amounts only 2.44% of the Gross National Product (GNP), still way below the recommendation of the Delors Commission under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) of 6% of GNP.

According to FDC, average education expenditures as percentage of GNP of previous administrations are as follows: (Cory) Aquino, 2.74%; Ramos, 3.10%; Estrada, 2.89%; and, Arroyo, 2.10%.

According to YAD: “The current targets to address shortages in teachers, classrooms, chairs and textbooks will just only be mere propaganda to mask the sad truth about the Philippine educational system unless debt servicing will be de-emphasized over the education budget.”

As of 2011, the government admitted that it lacks around 100,000 teachers, 150,000 classrooms, 13.5 million chairs, and 95.5 million textbooks to ensure quality education.


In the tertiary level, several private higher education institutions increased their tuition  while the state universities and colleges, even if they did not increase tuition , have hiked their miscellaneous fees contrary to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) assurance that there will be no increase of fees in SUCs.

As part of its main campaign for re-channeling debt service budget to social services such as education, YAD proposes an automatic appropriation for education pegged at 6% of the projected GNP, as required by the Delors Commission standard for education spending.#













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