K plus 12 plus plus

25 07 2011


July 25, 2011


Student councils to PNoy: K plus 12 plus plus


JC TEJANO, 0917-836-0354

GIBBY GORRES, 0917-362-7480

Student councils hit PNoy’s K+12 program as he delivers his second State of the Nation Address at the House of Representatives today.

The K+12 is the current administration’s flagship education reform agenda that adds two more years to the basic education program.

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) tagged the K+12 program as lacking if other urgent reforms in education are not met.

According to group, “the implementation of the K+12 can arguably be called noble and ultimately necessary, but the government must first face and take the immediate steps in addressing other factors that cause the crises in education”.


“K plus 12 plus plus”

“It does not suffice that you extend the number of years.  Education reform has a lot of components and a piecemeal approach may prove ineffective,” says SCAP National Spokesperson JC Tejano.

“The President’s program should be K plus 12 plus plus” he added.


International standard for education funding

SCAP suggested that the government must start with the international standard for funding, not with the number of years.

Citing data from the Freedom from Debt Coalition, SCAP said that Aquino’s education spending this year amounts only to 2.44% of the Gross National Product (GNP), still way below the recommendation of the Delors Commission under the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) of 6% of GNP.

The group said that previous administrations’ policy for underfunding resulted to shortage of classrooms and textbooks and underpaid teachers.


Welfare service subsidy, not debt payments

“With K+12 cost estimated at PhP 150B, the government must take a firm stand in prioritizing the education sector without compromising other sectors”, Tejano affirms.

Because of underfunding, state colleges and universities have also taken a blow with a 1.3B peso-budget cut for the University of the Philippines system alone.   Principal debt payment for this year is at 466 billion pesos.

For the “matuwid na daan”, PNoy must once and for all prioritize education through his funding policies, SCAP concluded. #




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