Solidarity Message to APL-Youth

26 10 2011




October 24, 2011

Quezon City Sports Club


Magandang araw sa mga katipunerong magpapalaya sa bayan!

Mula sa alyansa ng mga konseho ng mag-aaral sa Pilipinas, ang Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [SCAP] ay kasama sa laban ng Alliance of Progressive Labor – Youth [APL Youth] para sa disenteng trabaho ng mga kabataan at ng lahat.

Ang APL Youth bilang isang organisasyon, and I say this very unapologetically, ay isang rebolusyonaryong kilusan ng mga kabataan.  And to be revolutionary in these modern times is difficult.  But let us go back to the basics.

The replacement of global capitalism by a new social order is the minimum of our socialist struggle.  We have to organize society in a different manner.

The threats and the problems that we see today within the very entrenched system of global capitalism simply means that the system does not work.  Thus, there is a need to push ourselves out of the limits being placed by the current system.

Total rejection of capitalism is our call.  In this line, we should not see labor as an isolated struggle.  It is a cross-sectoral struggle within the picture, or dare I say core, of the socialist struggle itself (socio-political, socio-economic and socio-cultural).  The labor struggle strikes the crux of the issues of private property and the capitalist ownership of the mode of production.

I would like to end my message with a quote from Lean Alejandro: “The place of honor is the line of fire”.  Today, comrades, as you deliberate the thrusts of APL-Youth, dare to imagine: where is our place of honor? What is our line of fire?



National Secretary-General

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines




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