‘GMA Generation’: GMA youth icon of corruption

6 12 2011



December 7, 2011


Gibby Gorres, 09173627480

In celebration of the International Anti-Corruption Day, student leaders from different colleges and universities tag former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo as the youth icon of corruption.

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [SCAP], a nationwide organization of student councils and student political parties, pointed out that young people grew up under the nine years of corruption under the Arroyo administration.

“We are in the best position to say that GMA has not only robbed our nation’s coffers but also young people’s bright future”, quipped Gibby Gorres, the organization’s national secretary-general.

Calling themselves as the ‘GMA Generation’, following the trend ‘Marcos babies’, SCAP maintains that young people has a lot of stake in the issues surrounding the former president.

Mrs. Arroyo currently faces electoral sabotage charges before a Pasay City court with alleged electoral irregularities during the 2007 national elections.

Some student leaders from SCAP filed a motion before the Supreme Court yesterday urging Chief Justice Renato Corona to inhibit himself from all the Arroyo-related cases.

Brian Poe Llamanzares, grandson of the late actor Ferdinand Poe, Jr. and one of the student leaders from the Ateneo de Manila University was one of the petitioners.

Llamanzares said, “On a personal basis, my family did not forget what happened in 2004”.

Poe ran unsuccessfully against Arroyo during the 2004 elections under the party LDP (Laban ng Demkratikong Pilipino). The said elections were ridden with accusations of electoral fraud against Arroyo.

“We grew up under the Arroyo administration and we’ve come to identify GMA with all the facets of corruption”, Llmanzares noted.

“It is just proper that young people be recognized as a party to all the issues surrounding GMA”, Gorres concluded. #




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