SCAP joins International Union of Socialist Youth – Asia Pacific Committee

25 02 2012

Among those who attended the IUSY-APC meeting where YPD-Thailand, DAPSJ-Malaysia, Akbayan! Youth (Philippines), Pergerakan, Indonesia.

Representing the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [The Alliance], National Secretariat Head Miguel Angeles joined the International Union of Socialist Youth [IUSY] Asia Pacific Committee meeting held last February 17-19, 2012 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

Founded in 1907 in Stuttgart, IUSY encompasses socialist, social democratic and labor party youth organizations from more than 100 states of the world. IUSY is a member of the Socialist International [SI].

The meeting tackled the challenges faced by the progressive youth in the region such as climate change, women oppression and democratization.  The Asia Pacific Committee also outlined young progressives’ role in shaping the political landscape in the region.

The Alliance is a candidate for membership in IUSY as the former shapes its socialist and social democratic narrative within the Philippine student movement.

As the largest student council and student political party formation in the country, the application for membership to IUSY is a strategic move that could strengthen The Alliance’s international solidarity works.

The Alliance’s International Committee is headed by its International Secretary Brian Llamanzares of the Ateneo de Manila University and Cleo Leogrado of the De La Salle University serving as Deputy International Secretary.

IUSY will be holding its 29th World Congress in the 20th-22nd of April in Asuncion, Paraguay.


In the matter of proposed measures for basic education curriculum reforms

15 02 2012

Updated position paper of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines for K+12 (please see previous post:


February 15, 2012 — That the state of Philippine education is dismal is a statement of fact. Among others, shortages in classrooms, lack of adequate facilities, and overworked and underpaid teachers all paint a bitter picture which do not reflect our professed aspiration of providing quality and accessible education for the children of the nation.

The Department of Education [DepEd] has been exploring various methods to address problems plaguing the current system. In this instance, the current administration seeks to usher in reforms in the basic education sector through its Enhanced K+12 Basic Education Program, which adds kindergarten and an additional two (2) years of secondary education following a K-6-4-2 model. Alternatively, several measures have been filed in both houses of Congress seeking the same end of increasing the number of years of schooling in the primary and secondary levels, though differing in the models and schemes used.

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [SCAP] welcomes developments which seek to introduce reforms in the basic education curriculum, and see the same as positive steps towards addressing the troubles besetting our education system.


While there are certainly merits to the proposals of the DepEd and our legislators, SCAP is of the belief that more years does not necessarily amount to better instruction. Noble as the cause of adding more years of school with the view of raising the Filipino student’s competitiveness and the standards of education may be, doing so in the absence of other reforms may prove detrimental.

Satisfying the fundamental requirements of offering an adequate basic education program seems to be the aspect of the education sector that warrants the most serious concern. The Alliance believes that it does not suffice that the number of years be extended, let alone expansion in the absence of satisfactorily meeting the basic challenge of adequately providing for education regardless of the model used.

Initiatives seeking to introduce changes in the curriculum and structure of primary and secondary education must go hand-in-hand with other reforms. In the absence of innovative ways of dealing with perennial problems such as, among others, classroom shortages, undermanned schools, decline in teaching competence, and dearth of facilities necessary for proper instruction, adding more years may only serve to exacerbate the Philippine education situation.


We also urge policy-makers to look into the effects of these proposed initiatives on the Filipino household, particularly the poorest of the poor. Adding additional years of school will inevitably burden families of limited means who will be saddled with the problem of having to support the education of their children longer. We fear that this may heighten the inaccessibility of basic education, and lead to more children being forced to drop-out due to material circumstances.

To meet this concern, SCAP believes that provisions for programs that would cushion the socio-economic impact of the proposed initiatives are indispensable. Adequate safety nets must be put in place to ensure that no family would be unjustly prejudiced by the implementation of these proposals. Elevating the standards of basic education must not come at the expense of further marginalizing the marginalized.


Senate Bill No. 2713 introduced by Senator Recto contains a provision which mandates the use of the mother tongue or native language of the student as the medium for instruction from kindergarten to Grade 3. This is to be accomplished through the development of a Mother Tongue-based Multilingual Education (MTMLE) framework by the DepEd in collaboration with other institutions.

SCAP voices its support for the introduction of the MTMLE in our schools. The Philippines having over 170 languages and dialects, the rationale behind such a program in the basic education system is clearly seen. Basic instruction in the early primary levels administered using local dialects forming the foundation of a child’s linguistic capabilities has been proven to enhance children’s comprehension of elementary concepts. #

The Alliance heightens international solidarity work, formally expresses intention to join IUSY

13 02 2012


L-R JC Tejano, SCAP National Spokesperson; Gibby Gorres, SCAP National Secretary-General; Serge Aclan, BIGKIS-UPM; Leona Arcellana, BIGKIS-UPM; Johan Hassel, IUSY Secretary-General; Mook Petchnamrob, IUSY Asia Pacific Vice President; Migs Angeles, SCAP National Secretariat and Gab Victorino, Bagong Benilde-CSB

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In order to deepen its democratic socialist narrative, the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [SCAP] has formally submitted its membership requirements to the International Union of Socialist Youth [IUSY], an organization composed of socialist, social democratic and labor youth party organizations from more than 100 countries globally.

A founding member of the Young Progressives Southeast Asia, SCAP seeks to venture beyond the region and join the call of IUSY towards democracy, social justice and freedom. The student organization has constantly campaigned for the democratization of Burma and at the same time lobbied for a youth charter in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN] through the ASEAN Youth Forum [AYF].

In a meeting with Johan Hassel (SSU-Sweden), Secretary-General of IUSY, and Mook Petchnamrob (YPD-Thailand), Vice President for the Asia Pacific, SCAP leaders explained the struggles and the opportunities of the current juncture in the student movement and how the organization seeks to contribute towards realizing a socialist future.  The meeting was held in the College of Medicine Student Council Office of the University of the Philippines-Manila.

SCAP International Secretary Brian Llamanzares (ADMU), joining the meeting via Skype from Fordham University, expressed that “[i]t is with much hope that our efforts to create a more socially equitable society are recognized, as we are in need of as much support as possible in order to institutionalize the advances we seek to make in the global, regional, and national sphere”.

The membership of SCAP to IUSY will be finalized during the latter’s 29th World Congress in April 2012 in Paraguay. With the theme “An Equal World is Possible! – Struggling for Democracy and Social Justice for All”, the World Congress hopes to hold debates and the adoption of the IUSY Global Political Manifesto and at the same time to advance reforms within the Socialist International (SI).

The membership was formally endorsed to IUSY by SCAP’s sister-organization Akbayan! Youth. In preparation for the World Congress, SCAP National Secretariat Head Migs Angeles (UP Diliman) will be joining the Asia-Pacific Committee Meeting in February 17-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia. #

Student councils and political parties train for human rights and anti-discrimination in schools

9 02 2012

Student councils and political parties train for human rights and anti-discrimination in schools


The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, in partnership with Babaylanes Inc., reaffirmed its call towards gender equality and LGBT (lesbian-gay-bisexual-transgendered) rights through a gender workshop entitled “Human Rights and SOGI in Universities” held at the College of Saint Benilde last February 4, 2012. Babaylanes, Inc. is the alumni association of Babaylan, the only progressive LGBT organization in the University of the Philippines.

“The training module is to protect LGBT rights and provide a social support system by fostering a sense of community among the youth”, Babaylanes, Inc. Executive Director Ramille Andag said.

Student leaders from the Ateneo de Manila University, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Muntinlupa, Polytechnic University of the Philippines, University of the Philippines Diliman, University of the Philippines Manila, De La Salle University and College of Saint Benilde convened for the training. Sharlene Ku, Secretary-General of Bagong Benilde Party, said that progressive political parties should work in solidarity to answer society’s demands for genuine social change, especially in securing the rights and welfare of students, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Among the trainers were Ramille Andag and Akbayan LGBT Convenor Jonas Bagas. Commissioner-at-Large for the National Youth Commission and SCAP Founding Chairperson Percival Cerdana also facilitated an in-depth discussion on sexual orientation and gender identity.

SCAP recognizes the need to remedy discrimination against the LGBT community. SCAP National Secretariat Head Migs Angeles noted that discrimination and violence based on gender is a serious problem in schools in the Philippines.

“Because of the macho and conservative culture present in most schools, gender-based discrimination in various forms exists. This serves as a challenge for young progressive leaders to ensure equality in universities, especially in a society where anti-LGBT groups wield great influence in,” Angeles quipped.

In this light, SCAP has been pushing for the passage of the Students Rights and Welfare Bill (HB2190) and the Anti-Discrimination Bill (HB515), both filed by Akbayan Reps. Walden Bello and Kaka Bag-ao.

“As campus elections are being held, it is high time student political parties and student councils become more responsive towards securing a campus environment free from discrimination”, Ku concluded.  #

The gender workshop is a part of a series of events for SCAP’s STOP THE HATE campaign

Calls for SK Reform Strengthened

8 02 2012


The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines has strengthened its call for SK Reform and Empowerment, urging the passage of House Bill 468 filed by Akbayan Representatives Kaka Bag-ao and Walden Bello.

Speaking as one of the resource persons during the committee hearing of the Committee on Local Government at the House of Representatives, SCAP National Secretary-General Gibby Gorres reiterated the importance of reforming and empowering the Sangguniang Kabataan in the principles of accountability, autonomy and representation.

Gorres forwarded four provisions in HB 468 namely:

  1. The age limit for all SK officials should be within 18-25 years old.
  2. The anti-dynasty provision should be kept in the spirit of ensuring autonomy.
  3. The SK as an institution should be given fiscal autonomy.
  4. The law should strengthen the Katipunan ng Kabataan and the Katipunang Pangkaunlaran ng Kabataan.

The Committee on Local Government has ruled that the members of the Committee whether to rule for abolition or reform shall be on the 22nd of February 2012.

In this line, SCAP urges youth organizations nationwide to send their position on the issue via

SCAP is happy to welcome new members!

3 02 2012


(Revised February 3, 2012, in preparation to The Alliance’s 8th National Congress)


The Alliance is happy to welcome new members!

Membership to the alliance is open to the following:

  1. Federated Student Councils/Governments
  2. University/Campus-Wide Student Councils/Governments
  3. College-Based/Department Student Councils/Governments
  4. Student Political Parties

Requirements for membership for applicants belonging to (1)-(3):

  1. A Letter of Intent to affiliate the organization with the Alliance and filled out membership application form shall be submitted to the SCAP National Secretariat.
  2.  A Resolution affiliating the organization with SCAP shall be submitted to the Secretariat.
  3. Site Visit – A site visit of the Secretariat to the local organization shall be (recommended).
  4. Membership Fee – An annual membership fee shall be collected as follows:
    1. Federated Student Council: P/ 1,000.00
    2. University/Central Student Council: P/ 500.00
    3. College Student Council: P/ 500.00

This can be deposited to the BPI Account Number 1991-0069-97 (Account Name: Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, Inc.)

Requirements for membership for student political party applicants:

  1. A Letter of Intent to affiliate the organization with the Alliance and filled out membership application form shall be submitted to the SCAP National Secretariat.
  2.  A Resolution affiliating the organization with SCAP shall be submitted to the Secretariat.
  3. A letter of endorsement from any SCAP full member organization or any member of the National Executive Committee.
  4. Membership Fee – A 2-year membership fee of P/ 1,500.00 shall be collected. This can be deposited to the BPI Account Number 1991-0069-97 (Account Name: Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, Inc.)

Deadline of application for membership is March 30, 2012.

Full membership for all applicants shall be part of the agenda during The Alliance’s 8th National Congress this May 2012 in Cebu City.

You may send your application files to #34-D Matulungin St., Brgy. Central, Quezon City, Philippines 1100 or via

You may download the application process here:

You may download the application form for student council/governments here:

You may download the application form for student political parties here: