The Alliance heightens international solidarity work, formally expresses intention to join IUSY

13 02 2012


L-R JC Tejano, SCAP National Spokesperson; Gibby Gorres, SCAP National Secretary-General; Serge Aclan, BIGKIS-UPM; Leona Arcellana, BIGKIS-UPM; Johan Hassel, IUSY Secretary-General; Mook Petchnamrob, IUSY Asia Pacific Vice President; Migs Angeles, SCAP National Secretariat and Gab Victorino, Bagong Benilde-CSB

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – In order to deepen its democratic socialist narrative, the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [SCAP] has formally submitted its membership requirements to the International Union of Socialist Youth [IUSY], an organization composed of socialist, social democratic and labor youth party organizations from more than 100 countries globally.

A founding member of the Young Progressives Southeast Asia, SCAP seeks to venture beyond the region and join the call of IUSY towards democracy, social justice and freedom. The student organization has constantly campaigned for the democratization of Burma and at the same time lobbied for a youth charter in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN] through the ASEAN Youth Forum [AYF].

In a meeting with Johan Hassel (SSU-Sweden), Secretary-General of IUSY, and Mook Petchnamrob (YPD-Thailand), Vice President for the Asia Pacific, SCAP leaders explained the struggles and the opportunities of the current juncture in the student movement and how the organization seeks to contribute towards realizing a socialist future.  The meeting was held in the College of Medicine Student Council Office of the University of the Philippines-Manila.

SCAP International Secretary Brian Llamanzares (ADMU), joining the meeting via Skype from Fordham University, expressed that “[i]t is with much hope that our efforts to create a more socially equitable society are recognized, as we are in need of as much support as possible in order to institutionalize the advances we seek to make in the global, regional, and national sphere”.

The membership of SCAP to IUSY will be finalized during the latter’s 29th World Congress in April 2012 in Paraguay. With the theme “An Equal World is Possible! – Struggling for Democracy and Social Justice for All”, the World Congress hopes to hold debates and the adoption of the IUSY Global Political Manifesto and at the same time to advance reforms within the Socialist International (SI).

The membership was formally endorsed to IUSY by SCAP’s sister-organization Akbayan! Youth. In preparation for the World Congress, SCAP National Secretariat Head Migs Angeles (UP Diliman) will be joining the Asia-Pacific Committee Meeting in February 17-19 in Jakarta, Indonesia. #




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