Making History

6 03 2012

Fifteen years ago, Percival Cendaña became the first openly-gay chairperson of the University of the Philippines- Diliman University Student Council. Cendaña became the founding chairperson of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP), the largest student council and student political party formation in the country.

This year, we celebrate with the UP community for yet another historical milestone: the first transgender to head the UP Diliman USC and the first transgender to head any student council in the country.

Ms. Heart Diño, a staunch advocate for gender equality and the head of the Gender Committee of The Alliance, is a symbol of a struggle against dogmatism and patriarchy. Her victory in the recent elections is more than just political success. It is a manifestation of change in societal and individual perceptions that gender defines one’s capability to lead and serve. Rather, it is one’s intellect, skills, and genuine commitment to service that makes an outstanding leader.

SCAP enjoins all student councils in the country to stand and push for gender equality and empowerment within and beyond the campus. Cultivate your heart for change and keep making history. ###




One response

12 03 2012
Julio Meridio

I congratulate you for making history!

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