Student Leaders Call for A VOTE ON RH FOR A VOTE IN 2013

22 03 2012

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines [SCAP] is the largest student council and student political party formation in the country.

MARCH 22, 2013 [Quezon City] —  Newly elected student leaders of top universities and colleges of the country have come out in support of the call to vote on the RH Bill.  The RH Bill or Reproductive Health Bill is currently being deliberated in Congress and in the Senate.  But supporters of the bill say that the RH Bill has been languishing in the both Houses of Congress for more than 10 years.

“For us, the RH Bill is pro-youth and to be anti-RH is to be anti-youth.” This is the strong statement of Gibby Gorres, National Secretary General of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP).  SCAP has 150 member universities, colleges and student political parties all over the country.  Gorres says that they will start campaigning in member schools to call for a vote on the RH Bill and to support Pro-RH candidates in the 2013 national elections.

“We believe that more than 10 years of debate is enough time for our leaders in the House and in the Senate to make a decision.” Benjamin de Leon, President of the Forum for Family Planning and Development (The Forum) said.  The Forum is an NGO pushing for the passage of the RH Bill and a partner of SCAP.

According to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), college enrolment continues to rise yearly. In SY 2010-2011 there were 2.63 million enrolees and 2.66 million enrolees for SY 2011-2012 in 1,793 higher education institutions nationwide.

“We were elected in our respective schools because we would like to believe that our fellow students trust that we will speak out for their rights. I support the passage of the RH Bill because millions of young people suffer from RH related issues such as HIV/AIDS, teen pregnancy and even maternal deaths.” Said Roby Camagong, a student leader from the De La Salle University and officer of Student Council Alliance of the Philippines.

The voice of the youth should not be ignored in the debate on the RH Bill.  In 2010, there are 28.2 million Filipino youth or 30% of the population.”  Gorres said.  “From this number, according to the NDHS (National Demographic and Health Survey), 10% of all 15-19 year old girls are already mothers.” Gorres added.  Gorres is also confident that the student councils can exert influence among students in their schools even in their support for pro-RH candidates in the next national elections.

The student council members who made a united stand in support of the RH Bill come from the University of the Philippines Diliman, Manila and Los Banos; De La Salle University; University of the East; Polytechnic University of the Philippines; San Sebastian College de Recoletos de Cavite;  Philippine Normal University. #




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28 03 2012
Julio Meridio

Hi SCAP! How many student council members participated?

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