New Blood, New Senate

2 10 2012

by Jana Cabuhat

I believe we need new faces in the senate – new blood to bring new and progressive politics to our government.

Filipinos have seen time and time again the same faces in the halls of congress. These faces have been there for decades. Some have even been part of the Marcos administration and until today maintain political and economic power. These are faces that reflect the abusive political clout of the Philippines’ numerous dynasties and thus our country’s narrative of fragmented democratization. Our politicians in government are political jugglers that reenact the same moro-moro every election. It is time we say “enough!”

Albert Einstein said that “[t]he problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them”. We need new people from the progressive sectors of society, from the youth, from the marginalized, from those whose voices convey real reforms and innovations through an inclusive process of governance, but have been continually pushed to the fringes of the political arena. These new and progressive politicians are at the best position to introduce changes in government as they have resisted the existing political arrangements which promote traditional politics in the country.

This coming 2013 elections, may the Filipinos support those who espouse the ‘tsinelas’ leadership, and not be swayed by the circus of the old trapos. ###

JANA CABUHAT is the National Chairperson of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines and the Chairperson of the University Student Government of the De La Salle University – Manila.




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