UST cancels senatoriables’ debate on health; students’ alliance cries ‘foul’

10 01 2013

January 10, 2013




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 HEART DINO – 09179329101

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UST cancels senatoriables’ debate on health; students’ alliance cries ‘foul’

The administration of the University of Santo Tomas cancelled the senatorial forum organized by its own student council for fear of discussion on the reproductive health law.

The forum dubbed as #YouthVote2013 was set to be held tomorrow at the Pontifical University’s College of Medicine Auditorium but due to the topic on health, was cancelled by the Office of the Secretary-General.

The forum panelists included Risa Hontiveros, Richard “Dick” Gordon, Grace Poe, Teddy Casino and Ang Kapatiran’s Lito David.

Argee Gonzales, the vice president of UST’s Central Student Council, clarifies that the senatorial forum was on young people’s health, as part of the youth agenda series that the organization is campaigning in schools.

Heart Dino, NCR Chairperson of the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines, one of the organizers of the event, cries ‘foul’ over the ‘blatant disregard of students’ academic freedom’ by the Dominican university. The Dominican order, under the Catholic church hierarchy.

“We have always been clear that the forum is on young people’s health in its entirety, and not on reproductive health alone”, says Gonzales. “In other universities, we are doing rounds on education, employment and other young people’s issues”, he adds.

“We feel that this is a loss for the Thomasians, being deprived of their opportunity to discern the 2013 senatorial candidates”, quips Gonzales. “The inclusion of RH champion Risa Hontiveros is balanced by the anti-RH Ang Kapatiran”.

Who’s afraid of Risa Hontiveros?

Gonzales asserted that the said senatorial forum has undergone UST’s bureaucratic purposes and have been approved by the office of student affairs.

Dino further alleges that communication from Ang Pro-life Partylist to UST administration was done after the confirmation of Hontiveros as one of the panelists.

Senatorial forum to proceed in San Beda College- Alabang

The organizers are set to continue the senatorial forum set on January 29 at San Beda College-Alabang on young people’s employment.

Dino says that they will not pursue any legal case against the UST administration but will further push for the passage of the Students’ Rights and Welfare Bill in order to protect students’ academic freedom.




2 responses

10 01 2013
John Dy

Dear UST Students,

You’d be delusional if you still think that “academic freedom” exists in your university. Your university’s title “Royal Pontifical” ensures that. Your academic pursuit ends where religious dogma begins.

11 01 2013
Your Education Today Has Been Cancelled | Filipino Freethinkers

[…] …Wait, WHAT? The school administration had it canceled? Because ProLIFE Philippines, a group that has no problem having a punchdrunk thug like Lito David running for them, complained that Risa Hontiveros, a proRH advocate would be going? […]

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