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National Chairperson – Gio Tingson, Ateneo de Manila University

National Secretary-General – Gibby Gorres, University of Asia and the Pacific

Chairperson for NCR – Oyie Javelosa, UP Diliman

Chairperson for Luzon – Nikki Jane Isla, Isabela State University

Chairperson for Visayas – Patrick Daniel Ladrido, University of San Agustin

Chairperson for Mindanao – Ralph Ivan Samson, St. Michael’s College

National Treasurer – Jolo Valdez, University of Asia and the Pacific

National Auditor – Liza Dizon, Philippine School for Business Administration

Members at Large – Christian Gravador (PLMun), JR Mapilis (ISU), Reyanne Librado (UP Visayas), Maki Acedo (MSU)

National Secretariat Head – Miguel Jose Angeles (UP Diliman)

International Secretary – Brian Llamanzares (ADMU)

Deputy International Secretary – Ma. Cristina Leogardo (DLSU)

National Spokesperson – Juan Carlo Tejano (UP Diliman)

Towards accountable and transformative governance…


69 responses

27 06 2007
Raul Socrates C. Banzuela

CODE-NGO Office, 2/F CCS Building,
Ateneo de Manila University, Loyola Hts., Quezon City
Telefax: 426-5938 Email:

June 27, 2007

Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP)

Dear Mr. Requez,

Warmest greetings!

Anticipating a renewed debate on the issue of Constitutional Reform, the Coalition for a Citizens’ Constitution (C4CC), a coalition of eight national NGOs/NGO Networks, commissioned nine researches to shed more light on how the basic sectors should deal with the proposed Constitutional Reform proposals given the sectors’ respective development agenda.

A Round Table Discussion on the topic: Constitutional Reform and the Youth’s Development Agenda written by Julia Andrea Abad, Department of Political Science School of Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University is scheduled on Saturday, 7 July 2007, 1-5 P.M. at the Institute of Social Order , Ateneo de Manila University Loyola Hts., Q.C. Given your credentials, we would like to invite you to be one of the three eminent personalities to provide us a 15-minute reaction to the paper. Attached is the program for the said activity. We invited 17 leaders/practitioners to participate in our RTD.

We ardently hope you give us the honor of your presence. Thank you very much.

Sincerely yours,

National Coordinator
Coalition for a Citizens’ Constitution (C4CC)

29 06 2007

Its been a good vission to practice and excercise on leadership, small or big, college or university schools…. But the question is
Is there any way that we (MIndanaons), can join to such program?

From: Ritchfildjay L. Mariscal of NORMISIST

3 07 2007

ritchfildjay marsical,

good day. we would be more than glad to keep in touch with you and so as to help your student council. please contact the national secretariat thorugh / 09207392102 or the mindanao assembly and leaders through rodel abenojam scap mindanao vice-chairperson from usep – davao at 09102646068.

the secretariat

25 07 2007

Please help us here in Arellano University-Main, i am one of the faculty and wrote a letter direct to school president, badly needed your support, cause THE TRAPO MENTALITY is practice here and the functions is nowhere and unfelt by arellano students

Please wrote also a letter for the Arellano University Direct to the President, so a definite action will be rendered
Thank You Very Much

Att: a/s

Arellano University
2600 Legarda St, Sampaloc Manila

July 23, 2005

Francisco Paulino V. Cayco
Chairman and Chief Operations Officer

Office of The AU-President


Greetings of Peace and Goodwill

I am one of your Faculty Member working faithfully and dedicatedly for the betterment of service and for the good name of our University. I will hold my name for the reason that this is a student concern but a as teacher we have bowed to our creed to address all pertinent concerns, and for the thought that this matter will caught up your attention and your action is still tacit.

I wrote this letter for a course of Change, guided by the philosophical framework of the University that every single student has the right to join any campus organization.

Annually election is being observed for the Supreme Student Council, for our student will be trained and nurture in leadership skills and camaraderie among others, my attention is called one section and another most especially in the College of Art’s “why is that the Office of Student Affairs does not make any Information Campaign in the forth coming election of new sets of officer, why maa’m” a question that is so relevant cause our subject is about political law’s and governance, I ask about one of my co-faculty and reacted “ Alam mu masanay ka na at same set of officers yan parang Political Dynasty hehehe” what! So for that reason I shut my mouth and went home.

So the other day, I ask one of the current officers of SSC, “ bakit wala kayong kalaban”
“Maa’m kasi po hindi naman masyadong na-inform lahat ng students about the election day and campaigning period eh,,” what a lousy reply of student, expecting it was one of the higher positions of the said Party.

Sir having a big population, Is like having many potential students for leaderships and can offer more than the RECYCLED set of officers this years, having the knowledge that the incumbent cant make to a point of clear platform and it is pointless to retain them in office with regards to their projects and programs that is always the same and no uplifting of the individuality of Arellano Students.

Sir I would like to ask your generous and understanding heart that please let our other students to “take their dreams in reality” to server their beloved alma-matter in Action, out there is a student who is waiting to be Benigno Aquino, or even Martin Luther King that can make the moral of our students be uplifted and even to let them advocate to the goal and greatness of your plan now and in the near future.

Hence, let there be another election for the student council, and a rule that there will be only one year of service and no re-takes of positions to give chance for every students,
That the Office of Students Affairs will take their part “seriously” in Information Dissemination not only for the Supreme Student Council but to unite every Organization to increase functionality and leaders in the making Please Sir. For students Is like your children and mine too.

Expecting your Best Answer For This Effort of Mine

Yours Truly,

30 07 2007


Greetings of Solidarity.

The Student Council Alliance of the Philippines would like to have a dialogue with you with regards to the issue that you have discussed.It is not a very isolated situation, as it is also happening in other campuses.

We would like to ask you to please contact us through or through Mr. Mark Roy Boado, SCAP National Chairtperson and Ms. Tina Langit, SCAP NCR Chairperson through SMS 09229726093 / 0906-3145452, respectively.

The secretariat

30 07 2007

The Supreme Student Council (SSC) of Northern Mindanao State Institute of Science and Technology (NORMISIST) Cabadbaran Campus would like to get link to other schools, colleges and or universities for the student leadership enhancement, since we are bery willing.

I personally, write this for the general welfare of my co-official in SSC and for the betterment of course not only to our school but to the nation as well.

hoping for your favorable response. Here is my contact number, Ritchfildjay Mariscal 09109817316
More power and God Bless!

7 03 2008

hello 1 im a regular, at least, reader of the articles that are puclictly posted in this site. i really want to participate in SCAP. is there a way how?
reply pls or reach me at my mobile 09177514041

im from zamboanga ! polsci student !

8 03 2008

guys ! pls have an positive response thnx

8 03 2008

hi jeoff. i tried to message you thru your e-ad, but my mail bounced back. where school are you from? are you with your student council? thanks! God bless!

best regards,
scap sec. gen.

10 03 2008

sorry for the inconvenience bianca, im having troubles with my yahoomail now, im trying my best to recover it and signing a new account ! ill just keep you posted about it. im not with the student council, im supporting the opposition pary of the recent usc admin. the usc now is passive in the pressing issues of the country ! my insti is western mindanao state university in zamboanga city.

11 03 2008

What is the incumbent party in ur usc? ok pls keep me posted.=)

11 03 2008

are u with any political party?u can also msg me thru my email account. it’s, thanks!


11 03 2008

hmmp. yah political party? u mean campus based? yah! its united students party- the oldest and most hailed political party of our school.

12 03 2008

oh ok. =) scap is an independent network of student councils nationwide. primarily, we work for education reform issues.we also invite political parties to be part of our activities and welcome individuals who are particularly involved with their SC’s or Parties to become a member of our alliance. =)

15 03 2008

cool =)

17 03 2008

so if you are interested just send us the details of your political party and your personal background info.=) thanks.

best regards,
the secretariat

30 08 2008
Judith Ann

greetings to SCAP on behalf of the Kalayaan College-Bataan (KC) Student Council!

The studentry experience problems due to inefficient Administration and unprofessional staff members, disorganized admin structure, no transparency, the admin imposes orders (without formal announcement and memos,) and the staff deliberately lie so that the naive students will be forced to obey their “injunction”.

As a member of the Student council, together with some of the officers, we would like to seek your help regarding the strengthening of the student’s voice in our school especially now that we are facing boiling issues regarding the admin’s deliberate disregard for the studentry’s cry over their whims, unprofessionalism and inefficiency.

please contact me at my email soon.

thank you.

Judith Ann

30 08 2008

Hi Judith,

We will be glad to assist your SC in any way we can. you can get in touch with our head secretariat, Eriza Dapitan, thru her email ad,!

thank you and we will wait for your email.

in solidarity,


3 09 2008
eriza dapitan

hi judith ann!

please send your email address and contact details to my add

we are campaigning the students rights and welfare bill which has been filed last year in our national congress.
i think we can help in creating venues for your school issues.
we are also asking atleast a narrative of your case to compile and present it as a supporting document of the said bill.

thank you


4 09 2008
Shella Laggui

hi. CHR and IFES will be conducting a forum on the right to suffrage. may we ask your scapnational landline contact number and address as well as the name of the head of your organization so that we could send you a formal invitation on the event. thanks and hoping for your immediate response. also, please contact mr. joi estrada at (02) 927 6225 / 925 3878 for the details of the event.

9 09 2008
eriza dapitan

hi shella laggui,

please send the invitation through scap.secretariat@gmail.comor fax no 925-2936. and name the invitation to mr. ALvin R. Quintans our National Deputy Secretary General.

thank you for your invitation and we are willing to join your event.

eriza dapitan
SCAP National Secretariat

24 09 2008
Mark Gemson G. Espinosa

Salutation to the Solidarity! On behalf of the University of Luzon Political Science Society I would like to seek a help from the SCAP respecively. . . We would like to become a member this very prestigious organization. We are interest club in our university. How we can join and what would be the requirements in joining to SCAP?
Thank you for reading our request!

God Bless. . .

24 09 2008
Mark Gemson G. Espinosa

Salutation to the Solidarity! On behalf of the University of Luzon Political Science Society I would like to seek a help from the SCAP respecively. . . We would like to become a member of this very prestigious organization. We are one of the interest clubs in our university. How we can join and what would be the requirements in joining in SCAP?

Thank you for reading our request!

God Bless. . .

24 09 2008
Mark Gemson G. Espinosa

Salutation to the Solidarity!

On behalf of the University of Luzon Political Science Society I would like to seek a help from the SCAP respecively. . . We would like to become a member of this very prestigious organization. We are one of the interest clubs in our university which id situated in Dagupan City Pangasinan. My questions are: How we can join and what would be the requirements in joining in SCAP?

Here is my contact number: Mark Gemson G. Espinosa; 09298151884

Thank you for reading our request!

God Bless. . .

25 09 2008

We Alyansang Kabataan Demokratikong Mag-aaral AKADEME would like to inquire the following names if they are affliliated with this organization Gladdie D.P. Mallari NCR Vice Chairperson, David Paul M. Catungal NCR Deputy Secretary General and Rosemarie Jerusalem National Secretariat. And if ever yes are they being elected or appointed? Thank you very much.

Note: This students are using this organizations name in our prestigious school!

25 09 2008

hi people of AKADEME? what again is your prestigious school? thank you.

-SCAP secretariat

25 09 2008

hi Mr. Espinosa,

thank you for showing interest in SCAP.

we will get in touch with as soon as we can! 🙂

-SCAP secretariat

26 09 2008
Mark Gemson G. Espinosa

Thank you for the positive action regarding of our request. We are looking forward to become member of SCAP in promoting national conciousness among others and working with you hand in hand!

On behalf of the University of Luzon Political Sciance Society (UL – PSS), I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for the entire SCAP officers and members!

Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Mark Gemson G. Espinosa; Chairperson, UL-PSS
UL-PSS website:

29 09 2008
Xanthe Craig Hortaleza

Warmest Greetings!

i have heard of SCAP from one of my classmates (a few minutes ago to be exact) namely Mark Gemson Espinosa, we both are in the same department of the college of liberal arts. i would just like to ask if it could be possible that we journalism, masscom, ang AB – english students could also join your organization? we are still planning to finalize the two organizations that we are creating; PRESS (composed of journalism and AB – English students) and the MEDIA (masscom students)kindly send us the requirments on how to join your organization it would be a great help for us especially in our student newspapers so we can be able to encourage other departments in our university to join as well and spread the good news about your prestigious organization from other universities in our region as well

here are our contact details:

we hope to here from you soon!take care and Godbless!(^_^)

Craig Hortaleza
BS – Journalism

29 09 2008

hello Craig!

thank you so much!

we are very happy to hear from you. we are planning to go to Pangasinan some time in October. we hope to meet all you guys there. let us talk about all these endeavors and initiatives. we will get in touch with you guys!

thank you!


4 11 2008


4 11 2008


4 11 2008


5 11 2008

Hi AKDEME. please refer to our “About Us” page. many thanks!

SCAP secretariat

5 11 2008

We would like to follow up our inquiry last September 25, 2008 if the following students are having the following position in your organization. Gladdie D.P. Mallari NCR Vice Chairperson, David Paul M. Catungal NCR Deputy Secretary General and Rosemarie Jerusalem National Secretariat. And if ever yes are they being elected or appointed? Thank you very much.

6 11 2008
Paula Bianca Lapuz

yes they are part of SCAP. they were elected together with other SCAP officers last April, during SCAP’s 6th congress. please email me directly for any concerns.


SCAP Sec. Gen.

6 11 2008


27 11 2008
Paul Catungal

Hi SCAP people please do accept my apology for missing a lot of activities and for being silent. But rest assured that I still know my duties and responsibility as an individual of this society. Bianca thank you very much for answering the AKADEME’s inquiry. To the AKADEME it really surprise me to see your inquiry, I hope that this time you are already convince that we had been part of this respected organization. The organization had proved that we had been part of this organization and we had been elected/appointed on those respective positions. I/We also encourage you to join our organization.

27 08 2010
John Arrden Octaviano

Hi. I just browsed at your page an have read some of the articles in here. I am the president of the Supreme Student Council of Bulacan Agricultural State College located at San Ildefonso, Bulacan. I would like to ask if how can our organization be affiliated with yours? Thank you very much and I’m looking forward for the response.

20 09 2010
Jupiter Ampatin

Hi SCAP! I would like to ask how can we become members of your organization. Also, do you have a chapter here in region 12??? I’m part of our student goverment. Thanks a lot.

25 09 2010

Hi John Arrden!

I sent you an email regarding how to join SCAP. Please check it out and we’re looking forward to working with your Student Council.

Best regards,

Gibby, SCAP Deputy SecGen

25 09 2010

Hi Jupiter!

If you could send an email to, we’ll send you back the requirements on becoming a member.

Yes, we have chapters in Region XII.

Best regards,

Gibby, SCAP Deputy SecGen

30 09 2010
Arnee Pantajo


My name is Arnee Pantajo and I am with the student council of the College of Arts and Sciences of San Beda College Alabang.

Please send me information on how to join your alliance and any other pertinent information and activities of your organization.

Thank you

3 10 2010

Hi Arnee!

The email address you posted bounces off our emails. Please send us a message through or


SCAP Secretariat

18 10 2010


My name is Carlo, a Legislative Staff at the Office of Sen. Trillanes. We would like to invite you as a resource person in a committee hearing this thursday at camp crame.

The agenda of the hearing is with regard to the Memorandum Circular No. 01, S. 2001 which was jointly issued by CHED and the PRC. Non-compliance to said memo would effectively prevent countless innocent graduates and would be graduates of SUCs from taking PRC-administered board examinations.

In this regard, I would like to ask your contact number as well as the chair of scap so we could formally send an invitation to him/ her. Hope to receive a favorable response from your organization.

Regards and more power.


18 10 2010

Hi Carlo!

Our current Chairperson is Gio Tingson. His e-mail address is We’ll send his personal number to your e-mail address.

We’d be pleased to honor the invitation.

Love and justice,

SCAP Secretariat

12 01 2011
Rodolfo San Jose Jr.

isang mapagpalang gabi sa lahat,
nais ko po sana malaman kung approved na ang bill about sa Magna Carta of Students?
ito lamang po ang matibay na kakapitan ng mga Student Council/Governement laban sa mga mapagsamantala at mapagdiktang administrasyon..
Maraming salamat po sa Student Council Alliance of the Philippines..

13 01 2011

Hi Rodolfo!

Mapagpalayang pagbati sa iyo.

Sa kasawiang-palad, napagsarhan ng ika-14 na Kongreso ang pag-usad ng Magna Carta of Students Bill ngunit muntik na rin itong mapasok sa plenaryo kaya nananatili ang Student Council Alliance of the Philippines at ang Students’ Rights and Welfare Coalition na maipapasa ito sa ika-15 Kongreso.

Sa ngayon ay bumabalik ang STRAW Coalition upang ipaglaban ang bill na ito na matagal na ring nakabinbin. Kailangan namin ang tulong mo bilang isang indibidwal sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-uganayan sa STRAW advocates at sa inyong district representatives.

Mabuhay ka!

Gibby, SCAP Sec-Gen

3 05 2011

hello! pwede po makahingi ng tulong po. Advise po concerning sa ayaw pagreleased ng ToR namin at permit to take the local exam (PRC).

Ang nagyari po kc 4 yrs na po akong tapos sa skul na yun. Alam ko i’ve completed all the requirements kc pinagmarcha pa kami. but ang nagyari may nilabas na direktiba ang dean namin na to take a comprehensive exam to determined kng makakukuha ka ng local board o di. kung pasado ka they will release your permit, tor at may grade ka na sa 2 subjects. pag baksak ka no permit to take the exam and your ToR. which marami sa amin ang nagreklamo umabot pa ata sa ched which walang nagyari ata. kc panakot nya maykilala sya sa ched na pinayagan sila gawin yun at part sya ng ched daw. kaya marami sa naunang nagreklamo ay kumuha na lang ng waiver na di sla kukuha ng local board pero may ToR cla. which alam ko khit di ko alam ang rights ng skul pati ng students. illegal ang ginagawa nya. i hope matulungan nyo po ako at pati sa ilan sa mga dating nakatapos sa kursong nursing sa skul na yun. Karapatan namin ang kinikitil nya. Slamat po ng marami!

10 05 2011

Anong school ito Mond?

4 06 2011

hi!. i am the secretary of our schools’ student council. we are really interested to be a member of scap. may we know how to join this organization?. thank you!

5 06 2011

i would just like to follow up my inquiry on how to be a member of SCAP. thanks! i am hoping for your favorable response

6 06 2011

Hi Em!

Please send a letter of intent signed by your council to You may also text us at 09173627480. Hope to see you soon! – SCAP National Secretariat

6 08 2011
Christian Conrad M. Guinto

Hello SCAP!!
Greetings of Peace!

Gusto ko sana sumali sa SCAP, I’ve been an officer to different organizations and student council in different schools. Hanggang ngayon na lumipat na ako ng school still officer pa rin ako. Gusto ko rin sanang mag request sa inyong good office kung pede po kayong maging speaker sa isang Leadership Seminar dito sa school namen. Eastern Luzon Colleges – Bambang, Nueva Vizcaya. Kailangan po talaga ng sessions on right student leadership ang mga officers na iba dito samen. I’ve been to CVSLA noon. Kung saan ang speakers ay officers ng SCAP noon. Im hoping na sana magkaroon ulit ng Leadership Seminar na kayo ulit ang speaker. Hoping for your fast reply, and answer.

31 08 2011
Paul Holmes

Hi I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange, we own a network of sites across many themes and all have pagerank.

We would like to keep the link exchange as effective as possible for the search engines so we suggest that we do a A-B-C or maybe A-B-C-D link exchange.

This means that Site A, Site B and Site C are all different sites and Google does not know that it is reciprocal therefore giving us maximum benefit for our sites in the search engines.

We have a network of over 100 sites in many categories so if you are interested in this proposition please let me know or if you are unsure give me an email and I will teach you how to get the best results in the search engines for your website.

Thanks for your time.

Kind Regards,
Paul Holmes

13 12 2011

Kudos kabataan!

just drop by here for the first time.. and i’ve noticed that there is (kinda not sure kung ito lang) an error on your NEB member data.. kindly check.. 🙂

21 12 2011
David Paul Catungal

Hi ang SCAP ba ay nagbibigay din ng mga programa sa mga out of school youth? Thanks.

28 12 2011

Hi David!

Ang SCAP ay nagbibigay ng leadership training para sa lahat ng sektor ng mga kabataan. Para sa ganitong programa, makipag-ugnayan lamang sa aming Secretariat ( Maraming salamat!

30 03 2012
Patrick June Ceniza

Hey there 🙂 this is Patrick June Ceniza, the President of the Student Council of Father Saturnino Urios University.

i’d like to ask how do we become a member of the organization?

31 03 2012

Hello Patrick!

SCAP is happy to welcome new members!


(Revised February 3, 2012, in preparation to The Alliance’s 8th National Congress)

Membership to the alliance is open to the following:

(1) Federated Student Councils/Governments
(2) University/Campus-Wide Student Councils/Governments
(3) College-Based/Department Student Councils/Governments
(4) Student Political Parties

Requirements for membership for applicants belonging to (1)-(3):

A Letter of Intent to affiliate the organization with the Alliance and filled out membership application form shall be submitted to the SCAP National Secretariat.
A Resolution affiliating the organization with SCAP shall be submitted to the Secretariat.
Site Visit – A site visit of the Secretariat to the local organization shall be (recommended).
Membership Fee – An annual membership fee shall be collected as follows:
Federated Student Council: P/ 1,000.00
University/Central Student Council: P/ 500.00
College Student Council: P/ 500.00
This can be deposited to the BPI Account Number 1991-0069-97 (Account Name: Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, Inc.)

Requirements for membership for student political party applicants:

A Letter of Intent to affiliate the organization with the Alliance and filled out membership application form shall be submitted to the SCAP National Secretariat.
A Resolution affiliating the organization with SCAP shall be submitted to the Secretariat.
A letter of endorsement from any SCAP full member organization or any member of the National Executive Committee.
Membership Fee – A 2-year membership fee of P/ 1,500.00 shall be collected. This can be deposited to the BPI Account Number 1991-0069-97 (Account Name: Center for Youth Advocacy and Networking, Inc.)
Deadline of application for membership is March 30, 2012.

Full membership for all applicants shall be part of the agenda during The Alliance’s 8th National Congress this May 2012 in Cebu City.

You may send your application files to #34-D Matulungin St., Brgy. Central, Quezon City, Philippines 1100 or via

You may download the application process here:

You may download the application form for student council/governments here:

You may download the application form for student political parties here:

17 04 2012
Flor Male

Hi! Do you conduct leadership workshop/camp for high school student leaders?

8 05 2012

Good day sir.. I was wondering.. How can our Campus Student Council be a part of your organization?? I’m Timothy – John Tugade.. Student Senator of the Bataan Peninsula State University

12 05 2012

Hi timothy! We are happy to welcome new members!

You may contact us via or 09173627480 and tell us about your student council and how we can cooperate. 🙂

15 06 2012

Hi. Is it included in the magna carta… protection of students against abusive teacher doctors in med school?

15 08 2012


pwede po bang humingi ng advice? =)
recently, pinapatransfer po ung organization fund namin sa school admin.
ayaw po namin sanang i turn over kasi before na’experience namin ung sobrang na delay ung pagrerelease ng budget namin para sa mga activities namin. Gumawa na din po kami ng resolution pero hindi po pinansin ng school administrators. they insisted that we should turn over the funds to them. Ano po kaya pwede namin gawin or meron po bang mga legal basis regarding the funds of student councils?

Thank you in advance! 😀

17 08 2012
J Michael Mugas

Good day sir… I sent an email through the email address posted in here regarding the requirements and any other things needed to become a part of SCAP. My college is interested to be affiliated with SCAP sir but until now I haven’t received a response sir. Is there any other way we can know how to become formally affiliated with scap? Please let me know Sir. Thank you! I am John Michael Mugas – Vice President of the Student Council of Mariano Marcos State University – College of Business, Economics and Accountancy here in Batac City, Ilocos Norte

3 09 2012
Caleb Kahlil Garcia Pamatian

greetings with the Lord God almighty…

Good Pm po… this is cool… 🙂 indeed… by the way pwede po bang sumali din bilang isang kasapi ng SCAP? i’am the STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL President po ng aming College ng PLT College, Incorporated here t Bayombong Nueva Vizcaya… nasa list po ba ninyo ang aming school? interested po kaming sumali kung ayus lang po sa inyo… maari po ninyo akong icontact sa aking facebook account or 09352717118… and i hope you will reply ASAP… thank you po

(at kung anu pa pong mga kailangang ibigay

20 10 2012

Goodevening SCAP, I am a student at the UNIVERSITY OF RIZAL SYSTEM RORDRIGUEZ CAMPUS. I am a fourth Year student. bale may complaint po ako s prof. ng Business Administration maj. in Financial Management dhil s non related projectn na SWIVEL CHAIR worth 3OO each of the 3rd and 4th year students. kung tutuosin po tapos n po ung issue n ito s usapan nmin with our campus dean. tapos, laking gulat ko nlng po dhil qus2 po nya akong masanctionan dhil s libelous gestures ko daw. ramdam ko pong gnigipit nya n po ako dhil graduating po ako at ayaw nya po cguro akong mkagraduate. at isa pa po, on going n po yong aming preliminary hearing, napagalaman po n ung mqa pirma ng mqa student ay dnaya dhil s ayaw nya cgurong maputukan ng qnawa nyanq mali kea naqpa signature campaign cxa n pumapayag sila n magdonate raw ng SWIVEL CHAIR sana mtulungan nyo po ako. ndi ko n po alam ang gagawin ko. naqsalita n rin po yung taong tinakot nung professor n yun pra mapabulaanan ang complaint ko ito po nos ko O9395314293 salamat po and God bless us!

7 03 2013
daryl saladaga

Good day!! I’ve heard so much about SCAP and i am very interested in joining the group. As i believe that our school, University of San Jose – Recoletos is not yet a member of the said organization. In such, I would like to inquire on how to be part of the SCAP and what are the requirements in joining the said organization. I hope that you would give me a positive feedback regarding this matter. Thank you and God speed!

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